Will Turkey be a member of EU?

Will the EU accept turkey as a member state at last? What is the main problem, Identity or failure to meet the EU standards?

A: Europeans have a dark history of relations with Turks. The Ottomans not only forced the fall of Eastern Roman Empire, but also becomes very dangerous enemies to western regions of Europe. The siege of Vienna was their first effort to gain the control of the “key to western Europe”. Lucky for Europeans, the siege was unsuccessful and so on, their next attempts. In reverse, Turks have some bad memories from its western neighbors too.  Except Germany who helped Turk Emperors in their reforms, other Europeans, having common interests, helped resolution of The Empire. After resolution and revolution, the new Turkey, put its previous ambitious desires and offensive behaviors away, and became a tranquil country under the leadership of Mustafa Kamal.

Decades came and went and descendants of Ottomans, experienced instability, both in political and economic means. People of Turkey, saw several coups and faced with horrible inflation crises, especially in the late decades of former century. They made their way to controlling the economic crises and then, time for becoming European came. But as Hafez, Great Iranian poet have said: “Path of love seemed easy at first, what came was many hardships”[1].

After years of negotiation with EU, can we answer to the first question written above this page positively? My answer is yes. Without any doubts Turkey’s main religion differ from that of European Union, but agreeing with accession of Turkey to the EU will send a message of truce to all Muslims within the EU which may see European governments as their Christian enemies in Crusades. It may stimulate some racists to take harsh action against Muslim minorities in their countries, but its damage will not be incontrollable. All I’m trying to say is that Turkey accession will help solving of most critical identity conflict in Europe; conflict between Christianity and Islam.

Turkey has adopted free market economy. Hence, not only economy will not cause any problem for Turkey to become an EU member but also it will help this process.

Turks very good relations with Middle Eastern countries, is another bonus for them to become an EU member. Now, Israel is trying to reduce tension with Arab governments through Turkey. Why Europeans do not use this tool to facilitate their political and economic influence in this heaven of opportunities?

In recent weeks, Turks made a huge pace in their way to become an EU member; Armenia and Turkey Historic Protocols Treaty. We’ll see its implications soon. I guess, we have not to wait long to count Turkey as a member of European Union.

[1] From: http://www.hafizonlove.com/divan/01/001.htm


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